I made my quilt now what?

  • How to prepare your quilt top:
  • Trim and square up your quilt tops and backs.
    • The quilt top should lay flat to avoid bunching or puckers.
    • Press all seams flat or they may cause folds or bunching on the top of your quilt.
    • Remove loose threads from the quilt top. Dark threads may show through lighter fabrics.
    • If the quilt top is directional, mark the top with a safety pin.
    • If you wash your top fabrics, we recommend you wash and iron your backing fabric.
    • Make sure your back and your batting is 8″-10″ wider and longer than your top.
    • Make sure your seams are secure, especially on borders.


    We carry Winline Bamboo (Queen and King size on the roll), Quilter’s Dream 80/20 in Natural and White (Queen and King* size on the roll, *Natural only)
    We can order Quilter’s Dream “Supreme” or others along with Winline “others”, If you are sending your quilt to Cooler temperatures (brr).

    There are some battings brands we will not accept, our Long-Arm Machines are carefully calibrated for your quilts and batting.


    You can also call us to put your name on a hanger, to be added into our quilting rotation even if your quilt is not quite done yet! When you are finished, bring it in and remind us that you have a “hanger” so we can provide you with the proper estimated completion date.


    If shipping your quilt project to us, Include a picture if possible. We will call or even face time you to discuss your project. We recommend you use a shipping service that provides tracking information and that you purchase shipping insurance. Send it to our shop address. When we receive your quilt, we will provide you with a confirmation contact (email/text/call). After we have finished your quilt, we will contact you with shipping options for you to select.