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We are Alisa Smith and Patty Buchholz and we want to take a second to introduce ourselves. We met through a love of fabric and an addiction to all things quilting. We were both working in a local quilt store and were having a great time helping others find the perfect fabric or patterns for their quilting projects. It was a lot of fun being a part of the initial stage of the quilting process but we really wanted to do “more”, and help with the “completion” phase. So I decided to buy a long arm machine and open a studio. The first machine I purchased was an Innova long arm machine with a 12 foot frame and has a Mach3 Autopilot Computer with a TON of patterns on it. (We are “junkies”, we see one thing we like and we buy more...) I decided this would be way more fun if I had a co-hort, partner in crime, a fellow blonde. So I dragged Patty to the training and we were hooked! We love finding the perfect thread and pattern to enhance the beautiful quilts our customers bring to us. We loved it so much that we also bought a Gammill Optimum Plus with a 14 foot frame, and an Intelliquilter computer. Now we each have a machine to play with and are able to use both with ease. We are fortunate as both machines can quilt a giant king-size quilt. Plus, there are two of us quilting at the same time so our wait time isn’t too long.We can be found in our studio Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 to 3:00, so you can drop by at any time. You will often find us laughing when you come to our studio. A lot of times we are laughing at ourselves. (Hence the name “your 2 blondes!” Or "Y2b!”, There is a lot of love and joy that goes into our work. And we stand by our work. We have a combined 30 years of quilting experience and we are really excited to share with everyone our love of quilting and are looking forward to many more years to follow. There's no stopping us now!

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    If dropping off your quilt project at our studio, we are in the quilt studio Tuesday thru Friday from 10a-3p. On Mondays we work away from the studio on commission projects. We understand some quilters cannot come during those stated times. We are often there before or after hours and on the weekends. We ask that you schedule an appointment if you would like to come during those times. If shipping your quilt project to us, please fill out the online quote and attach a description of your project. Include a picture if possible. We will call to discuss your project. We recommend you use a service that provides tracking information and that you purchase shipping insurance. Send it to our studio address listed above. When we receive your quilt, we will provide you with a confirmation email. After we have finished your quilt, we will email you with shipping options for you to select.