Month 5 & 6 – Over the Rainbow BOM tips & tricks

Over the Rainbow
May 30, 2019
Month 7 – Over the Rainbow
November 25, 2019

Month 5 & 6 – Over the Rainbow BOM tips & tricks

Read month 5 directions carefully, While making the blocks the borders will need to be trimmed down to 6 1/2″. If you do not trim then month 5 and month 6 will not fit together correctly.

“We recommend while assembling month 5 to add the B center strip of fabric to the two pieced borders. Measure that piece and trim the additional B border piece to the size that is needed to allow the block to finish at the needed 6 1/2″ size.”

– Alisa Smith

“Month six is fairly simple to put together, it is the cornerstones of the center of the quilt. These square in a square blocks will bring together the quilt.”

– Patty Buchholz

A message from Alisa – “When cutting the dark of color 5 & 7 only cut on the diagonal once for the 4 pieces. We have provided a full strip of fabric this month to ensure you can complete the Medallions”

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